Born To Rise

...Ascend To The Soul Level Of Inner Dependence

WHEN: July 23rd - 25th via ZOOM
Normally $697
In this groundbreaking and transformational 3-day class,
you'll learn how to let go of your attachments in a Co-dependent world, and ascend into a higher frequency.
Here's Some of what you'll discover in Born to rise:
  • The path to creating Inter-dependent relationships
  • How to have a life of simplicity
  • How fear, negativity and addictions feed the ego
  • ​The 4 developmental stages you were born to rise up through
  • ​The 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension, and how they relate to the 4 developmental stages
  • ​What it is to go beyond self-actualization to an even higher level
  • ​​How to activate the possibility of Unity consciousness and de-activate tribal consciousness
  • A model for ascending to the next level in your relationships
  • ​Why the debris of the 3D and 4D world must be cleared
  • ​How to return to the ultimate truth of who you are
  • ​Plus a whole lot more!
  • The natural gifts that are yours when you're living your life in alignment with your 3 levels of consciousness (conscious, subconscious and super-conscious)
  • What you are required to give up in order to attain adulthood
  • How fear, negativity and addictions feed the ego
  • ​The pathways and the most important steps to take for RAISING UP your Inner Child
  • ​How self-transcendence heals your ancestral lines and positively affects future generations (this is one of the greatest contributions we can make to the human race)
  • ​What your key role is, in relation to your ego self
  • ​​The 4 biggest factors that damage relationships, and how to clear them (this section alone is worth the price of admission)
  • How to successfully move through phases of transition while transcending (energy alert: the ego can negatively influence you at any time and often will, through any period of transition)
  • ​What Ascension is, who it is for, how it happens, and how it inter-connects with one's onward and upward process of self-transcendence.
  • ​How to embrace the ascension process in your day-to-day to life.
  • ​Plus a whole lot more!
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"If you are tired of having the same experiences in your life and want to make a change give yourself this gift of Dale's teachings. It will truly change your life in ways you never dreamed of."
“This is a game changer for me! Dale has an incredible way of articulating truths in a way that breaks down the complexity of our human experience, like no other. He helps it make sense. He provides a safe environment for people to look at themselves in a productive way to make real and lasting changes in their lives. It is valuable beyond measure!”
"These teachings will and have impacted my life by allowing me to have at my disposal anytime, anywhere a system that can move me forward in my healing process when and where I need it most. You have got to try this, it will change your life. It provides a skillset to enable you to gently and lovingly heal you."
Dale Halaway
Master Teacher, Best Selling-Author
Dale Halaway has been influencing the lives and careers of thousands for almost forty years. He is one of the world's leading authorities on personal and business transformation, entrepreneurial success and real leadership development. Dale is an international speaker, author, master teacher, success coach, strategic advisor and transformational authority.
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